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This is based off Hallmark's Christmas in Homestead and adapted for the Arrowverse.When Oliver Queen returns for his final year at Hogwarts with the mysterious death of his father hanging over his head, he doesn’t expect much to change.But when Felicity starts looking for a potential biological father, he doesn't hesitate.Purely because he doesn't want someone to take advantage of her... From awkward starts to the wonder of creating a new life, it will soon become obvious that getting pregnant isn't just about expecting a baby: it's also about facing feelings that had been buried for years.

and Oliver will quickly understand that when it comes to Felicity and their unborn child, he wants much more than what they had originally agreed to.

The first chapter is a summary but things will improve.

For five years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Oliver: [speaking to his father's tombstone] I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets. I will, I swear, but to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes..honor your wishes, I need to dishonor your memory. Every name that I cross off this list honors that sacrifice.

Only problem, Mayor Oliver Queen isn't keen on the movie ruining his Christmas.

The two of them get closer, but will Felicity's life get in the way of happily ever after?Thursday night dinners might not ever be the same again.*COMPLETE* Felicity Smoak used to think that she was the owner of her life and her decisions.